Bedtime Gratitude

Looking at my bed from a picture, I don’t know why I let insomnia win.
That looks like a pretty damn comfortable bed.

I finally slept well yesterday after stressing my ass off for a few days and not sleeping well and waking up feeling like a zombie. Grateful for feeling all of the stress and then letting it go.

Bedtime Gratitude

I stopped documenting because I suddenly lost the urge to.
Then my sleepless night patterns returned so I guess that is a sign enough to continue purposefully journaling everything I have to be grateful for.

I have had plenty of things to be grateful for since I last blogged.

Nigel – Our relationship is like….a pot of lumpy BUT delicious pasta sauce.
The lumps are massively annoying but once I sink my teeth into them – that burst of fresh tomatoey goodness makes up for it and I soon forget how irritated I was with the sauce, watching it simmer in the pot. I am grateful for the man. His positivity alone is enough to make me want him for the rest of my days.

Thank you, Nigel, for taking me to Skirt for a surprise 6 month anniversary dinner and for always replying to all of my 4am panic texts the minute you get out of bed, in the mornings. I appreciate you putting up with me.

And to sum up our 6 months, I’ll borrow Reggie’s words –

“And to think you once didn’t want to give this man a chance.”

I’ve also been baking and experimenting in the kitchen a bit more. I must say it’s really fun to eat food that you make! I am hoping to continue making my own lunches for school so let’s see how that goes! I also finally have an idea on how to use the Chocolate Peanut Brittles my sister got me from Australia.

And I have been meeting friends (def not all of the friends I want to but I guess a few here and there is better than not meeting up with any at all) and dancing a little bit. I am really glad I have gotten to know Tai so much better over the last few months. I also think I am secretly hoping to dance as much as my wallet allows me to before I start working Sundays and basically bidding weekend debaucheries goodbye till…November 2015!

So yes, plenty to be grateful for.


Bedtime Gratitude

This week is how the rest of your 2015 is going to look like.

Grateful for the great weekend I had. Have I mentioned I love Hendricks?
Oh god I love Hendricks. And today, Monday, I rolled out of bed at 10am, did some drama work, had lunch, wrote, watched some TV, did yoga, napped and had a great, light dinner (see above).

Ah so many things to be thankful for.

Bedtime Gratitude

I received many, unexpected well wishes, excitement on my behalf and affirmation that my next steps does indeed suit me to a T.

So I am grateful. And I will remember to remember all of the truly wonderful emails I have received the next time I have an anxiety attack.


Bedtime Gratitude

I love dinner dates with Nigel. Spent this weekend at our favourite Mexican place, talking about our busy months ahead after class (me) and a 2 hour nap (also me, haha) at home.

Would have been a perfect weekend had Blujaz not gotten raided at 1am and had their event closed down shortly after. It really sucks to be living in a country where there are so few places I can have a good night out at, dancing to good tunes with affordable alcohol AND without paying exorbitant cover charges. And now, yet another place has gotten shut down.

While some of us actually love and appreciate places like Blujaz where you can turn up in denim shorts and have a bloody good time, I suppose there are a bigger group of us who are working towards making life in this city even more…..expensive, boring, organised and Singaporean.

Bedtime Gratitude

Made my own dinner tonight and I know it looks dry but that is only because the pasta (and it was healthy durum wheat kind) had soaked up all of the tomatoey goodness. But yes, I need to go get myself canned wild salmon or frozen shrimp and vegetables because hot dog alone is indeed quite sad.