To fall out of love…

36 questions to see whether the intimacy between two committed partners can be broken down by forcing them to ask each other things no one in a relationship should actually ask.

To fall out of love, ask….

My favourite one is:

29. Share a tube of toothpaste with your partner.

30. Why are you not squeezing from the bottom? Are you a monster?


Bedtime Gratitude

Missed a couple of days of posting because I had a wedding weekend and food poisoning immediately thereafter.

Seriously, my luck is off the charts.

Anyway, grateful for the crazy awesome fun wedding weekend I had (I have so many nice pictures that it is a serious bummer I don’t have a platform I am comfortable to share them on. am actually thinking of a FB album for just the people involved) and not dying from food poisoning, which by the way is not an exaggeration when you start puking at 9am and don’t stop till the evening.

I am petrified of food now. :(

Bedtime Gratitude

Spent a good part of my morning fighting against emotional and mental ‘fogginess’, succeeded, got a nice amount of writing done and then got back to Jurong early enough in the evening to catch The Theory of Everything with Nigel and….yes, Stephen Hawking is a genius but…Jane Hawking is who I’d personally like to talk about more.

(I am beyond glad that she finally pursued and got her pHD and found happiness.)